Senti a Roma /  Listen to Rome 




a saxophone blows rouge

over the cobblestones.


the faded yellows

of accordion, guitar 

and hand-tinted songs

spool across the piazza


bells peal gold and umber

onto the rooftops.


fluted silver tones

blend with dancing green

fountain song:

acqua verde con Verdi,


sapphire falls quiet

from the night sky.


Senti a Roma --


a small brass tingle of stars.





September 1997

from The Speed of Sight


A Heart is Breaking


            on hearing Pradeepanjalee perform Kuveni  


Under a distant dance

of thunder

violin crystals

catch and refract

the hidden light

of a breaking heart.

A river of green silk

flows fast and slow.

The earth is a tabla

of pangs and trembles.

The wind is at once hollow

and mellow

like autumning leaves,

and silver strings

say no more, no more



at Weill Recital Hall

New York City

November, 2009


Rumba for Piano & Ukulele



Let’s be sensuous.

Bend our knees,

sway our hips;

flirt barefoot

across the floor,

in 4/4 time;

eyes on half-closed eyes,

half-parted lips.

Quick, quick, slow;


Para Cardoso Me Voy,

vas, vamos.



behind the bright blue doors on Degraw Street

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

May 2016


The Singing Tree



Sings high-tenored notes 

into the white wonderland.

Calls to the tops

of the neighboring trees, 

the beds of nesting birds,

the brows

of the winter clouds

furrowed low 

in the over-cold sky.

Rings out a clear,

hardy voice

of joy; excelsis

I chance to hark to,

here in these

Canticled Woods.



on the old Dodge Estate

Madison, New Jersey

January, 2017