I INVITE LIVELY conversationS,


& Engagements


...if you're an enthusiast or patron of the arts

...a visual or performing artist, fellow creator

...a publisher, editor, producer 

...a print or online publication interested in engaging a poet in the field on one-of-a-kind assignment

...a corporation or non-profit that could greatly benefit from having "poetorials" created  for your organization, events, people (examples are seeable at www.thepoetorialist.com); a poet laureate breathing a heartfulness, mindfulness, connectedness into your culture

...or an individual interested in commissioning a "portrait-in-poetry" of yourself or your cherished surroundings; interested in hosting this multiversed artist, in residence

I also welcome collectors, curators and gallerists into the world of my purely visual art poetry.




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engage the world with all your senses

engage the world with all your senses