like an anemone.

Like a hand.

Like a book.

Like an oyster.

Like an eye.

Like a passage.

Like a seed.

Like a frontier.



New York City

May 2013


"The Times of Truce." An anthem poem. With original music, moving images and spoken word poetry of inner and outer peacefulness ~ composed for the 2018 Winter Olympics and The Truce Foundation of the United States.


The Morning Blue Heron



A sun salutation

from a Great Blue Heron

that almost silently alights

in an outstretched hand

of white pine, and speaks

in his native tongue;

while around him,

around me listening,

thrums a hummingbird,

ripples the channel,

arrives the morning.



Pine Island Channel


Northern Ontario

August 2012





It's a bungalow

on a blue Canadian bay.


It's a green-shuttered room

on an island in the Aegean.


It's not the once-home house

of wood and brick

I fly five thousand miles

back to:


it's this body

of blood and bone,

energy and memory,

essence and awareness.


It's this self

I make thousands of feelings,

thousands of healings



my walls and windows,

porch and kitchen,

bedroom, living room,

wine cellar, roof garden,

study, bath:


a sanctuary

that surrounds me

wherever I go,

wherever I am.



flying west across the Atlantic Ocean

from Greece

August, 2012


The Elements



Are here to connect us.

To the pure power

and wonder of Nature.

It’s presence.

Its miraculousness.

From the winds

to the rains,

the fiercest heat

to the wildest cold.

And to all

the purely elemental,

powerful, wonder-full

inside us.

Inside our bodies,



The forces of outer

and inner nature

that challenge and

inspire us;

surround and

speak to us;

to every man,

woman and child

among us.

These Elements.

These firmaments

of contrast

and contest;

of past, present and


ennobling energy.




New Jersey

Spring 2017


There’s a Garden Behind the Moon








in an un-

tarnished sea

of tranquility.

Aglow with

large beds

of lunar flowers.

Whose petals


shine and orbit

like planets around

enchantingly astral

pistils and stamens.

A garden that

grows in starlight.

A jardin illuminé

you enter


through the

swinging gate

of your night

or day dreams.


Where you may

idle and muse,


and gaze back


now and then

at the blue-green

Earth you traveled

from, imagined


and, back in time,

as exotically

and spaciously,

bloomed from.



New Jersey

April 2017


A Spirit Flutters


Flutters in.


for brief moments

its soft wings

against the panes

separating the dark

world from the light.

Finding me

near sleep

but alert to

its presence,

to its seeking.


New Jersey

May 2017