Klimt in His Garden


             on Jasper Krabbé's painting of the painter Gustav Klimt


He moves in a moonlength robe

through an evening green garden

of quietude; with hidden feet

that touch the muted grass and moss;

his figure almost afloat

under the first blooms

faint and soon fragrant

on the branches over his silent head

and soft beard, without thought

of brushes or canvases,

only this moment

savoring the poetry

of a Spring night

in his garden.



New York City

March 2007


A Sun-Baubled Sea


          on John Marin’s watercolor painting "Sunspots," Cape Split Maine 1920


Off the coarse point

of another time

an unfaded ocean

verges out in caps and crests

of cobalt, indigo, turquoise,

past one small, bleach-sailed boat,

toward a streaking sky

where the sun becomes baubles

of chrome yellow, rose madder,

viridian and cerulean,

that float above the water-color

surface, that float inside

my water-colored eyes.



at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York City

December 2011


Winslow H.



Winslow would have captured it all:

the last sun soaking

the bristled chests and tufted brows

of evergreen, the pure white wash

of light on the starboard side

of the anchored lobster boats;

the mauve and violet shadows

on the shingled surface: 

all the watercolors

of this ultramarine world

refracted in the strokes

of his sable brush.



Sullivan Harbor


September 1998

from The Speed of Sight





               "How do you see these trees? They are yellow. So,

               put in yellow; this shadow, rather blue, paint it with

               pure ultramarine; these red leaves? Put in vermilion." 

               ~  Paul Gauguin to Paul Sérusier



The colors.

The Collioureness.

The saturated



Of the walls.

The water.

The stalks,

fronds, flowers.

The high noon,

late-day shadows.


shades of Matisse,

brushes of Derain,

Gauguin, Vlaminck.

Rushes of sun.

Wildly fresh

images, wet and

drying canvases.



on Tucker's Point


July 2017