COLIN GOEDECKE aka The Floating Poet, is a plein air poet, impressionist in word and image, of place, moment, gesture, atmosphere, light, energy, color. Of landscapes and  lifescapes. A poet not only of the open, but also of praise and possibility; soul and serendipity. He is also a new kind of Poetorialist, who creates and curates alchemies of written, spoken and visual poetry. And is honored to serve as poet laureate of The Truce Foundation of the United States.

Most poems find me; arrive suddenly, unexpectedly, when I'm out in the world and the wilds of living. Where they often wash in like watercolors: all fresh, fluid, luminous. Where I'm inspired, with an innocent eye, to distill and embody experiences in language I and others can use to enter, re-enter, experience them. Sometimes, too, expressing an indelible impression through a camera I use as a 'fourth eye,' a kind of poetography: images that bend, blend the lines between photography and painting; that are never still; that convey an energy or essence resonating before me; evoke a story, a mystery, a reverie, or some inherent discovered potentiality.