COLIN GOEDECKE aka The Floating Poet, is a plein air poet. impressionist, expressionist ~ and revealist ~ in word and image. Of the deeper poetry, energy, essence ~ and presence ~ he sees and feels. Inside landscapes and lifescapes. A poet not only of the open, but of praise and possibility; surprise and serendipity. He's also a new kind of Poetorialist, who creates and curates bodies, alchemies of written, spoken and visual poetry. Like  "Ultramarine," for the 2017 America's Cup, and "Peace-ability," for the 2018 Winter Olympics. As well as experiential traveling exhibitions of evocative imagery and stories brought, with voice and stagecraft, to poetic life for each audience. And is honored to serve as poet laureate of The Truce Foundation of the United States.

"Most poems find me. Words, seeings, composings, that arrive suddenly, unexpectedly, when I'm out in the world and the wilds of living. Where they often wash in like watercolors: fresh, fluid, luminous. Where I'm inspired to embody and express the experience in a written or visual language I and others can use to enter, experience them anew, and again. 

For the imagery, I use a wonderfully small-scale digital camera, and an iPhone ~ as my 'fourth eyes,' to provide a starting point, another kind of canvas, that I alchemize from; working with existing elements, whatever's before me, and always very swiftly and intuitively; mainly involving light, highlight, shadow, contrast."

"What I'm greatly moved by and move toward visually is the painterly; is the wild aliveness of the world around us; is opening headlong, heartlong, into the beauty, intimacy, mystery of nature; the interplays between it outerly and innerly.  I  find and am as much found by moments, mis-en-scenes, that evoke an intriguing atmosphere, a story; that invite some next, surprising discovery..." 

...this has led not only to a wealth of individual expressions, but also to many series, diverse in focus; the latest including "Behind the Curtain," a show of 'theatre on paper,' a multi-sensory experience that made its debut in April 2018 in New York, and has begun traveling colorfully around the country, East to West. The next including "Below the Waterline," that reveals the deeper poetry and mysteries of Nature flowing under our surface-seeing."

"It's a great joy to see, feel, explore and reveal the 'Poetisphere' ever present and resonant around and inside us."

  "The Floating Poet," in Bermuda, en plein air, en plein mer

"The Floating Poet," in Bermuda, en plein air, en plein mer